Woman Banned from Every National Park for Being an Awful Artist


Social media is a great place for artists to share their work and thanks to various social media platforms, thousands of people have found an outlet for their creativity that allows them to earn money pursuing their passion. There is, however, a time and a place for art. For example, we don’t think anyone would disagree that millennia old rock formations probably shouldn’t be used as a canvas to plug your Instagram page. Casey Nocket disagreed with that sentiment.

In 2016, Nocket was arrested and banned from half a billion acres of US land (every national park in the US) for defacing eons old, protected rock formations with her Instagram handles and a crappy self-portrait using acrylic paint. To make the whole thing doubly douchey, Nocket then took pictures of the vandalism and posted them to Instagram.

Initially Nocket remained staunchly defensive of defacing national treasures specifically protected by the government for the enjoyment of future generations by saying her childish daubs were “art.” Which, to be fair, they were. But art scrawled across protected landmarks is still a crime so Nocket was arrested, fined, and banned from every national park for causing damage to national treasures, and for generally being an idiot.

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