Thief Caught by Cameraman Whose Camera he Stole, Using his Stolen Gear


The 2016 Rio Olympics were among the most controversial in recent years, in part because of the amount of crime present. And we’re not just talking about the crimes committed by the athletes, Ryan Lochte.

One of the biggest thefts of the Olympics, at least money wise, was the theft of $40,000 worth of camera equipment from a News Corp photographer, Brett Costello. Costello was robbed while eating at a café and was obviously distraught, but was able to continue doing his job thanks to a generous equipment loan from Canon.

The thief would arguably have been able to get away with the theft if he hadn’t have tried to use Costello’s own jacket to go behind the scenes of the Olympics. Yes, the thief was so stupid he tried using the credentials of a famous photographer who looked nothing like himto wander around behind the scenes alongside people who knew Costello personally. The thief was almost immediately caught and arrested. Though Costello’s equipment was never recovered, we have footage that quickly circulated social media of the criminal’s face the moment he realized how screwed he was. So we’ll count it as a big win anyway.

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