There’s a Starbucks Barista Ruining Spoiled Kids’ Photos


While there’s nothing wrong with taking a picture of your pumpkin spice latte, everyone who doesn’t do that likely finds you just all kinds of annoying. It’s narcissistic, irritating, and most of all, kind of pointless given that there are literally millions of the exact same photo on Instagram. Clearly the world needed a hero to stem the tide of identically framed triple Frappuccinos out there. The world got one in the form of Reddit user, bemyfuse.

In short, all bemyfuse does is position the stickers for a particular order right over the iconic Starbucks logo on any cup belonging to a group of gaggling preteens who act rudely towards the staff. This impressive act of passive aggression accomplishes nothing, save for annoying the kids who just spent $5 on a coffee just to take a photo of it for Instagram by ruining that photo. Now if only we could find someone to dunk the phones out people’s hands when they try to take a picture of their lunch, we’d be closer to a perfect world.

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