Learn to be persistent

  If you’re a person who gives up too quickly in life then you might not reach your dreams. You need to have willpower and perseverance in order to succeed. People who make it in life, learn to overcome hurdles which come their way. They don’t let obstacles deter them.

People’s opinions

  If you care about what other people think then you’ll be a prisoner to their opinion. If you find yourself always searching for constant validation then you might be creating an unhealthy pattern which could be crippling to your success. For example, you may want to pursue a music …

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Don’t be lazy

Sleep deprivation and a poor diet could be making you lazy. Laziness has instant gratification but could hinder your progress. You could find yourself wishing you started your assignment ages ago. You need have good planning and hard work in order to prosper in life. Whether you are studying an …

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