Man Brags About Getting Away with Attacking Royal Marine; Gets Called Stupid by Judge


On Christmas eve 2015, an utter prick named Ben Scott brutally attacked a Royal Marine on leave from Afghanistan named Mark Jolly, punching him in the back of the head (unprovoked) like a big man. Scott was quickly arrested and later charged with assault in April the following year.

Scott was eventually given a suspended sentence (meaning he wouldn’t go to jail) and a stern dressing down by the judge. Literally 45 minutes after avoiding jail time for assaulting a soldier, Scott posted a picture of a bottle of champagne on Facebook with the caption Time to celebrate!!! real decent people prevail in the end and that scum mark jolly can stay at the bottom of my shoe where he belongs, I WIN.” Spelling and grammar mistakes aside, the post was an obnoxiously gloating tirade that caused a furor on social media.

The judge presiding over Scott’s case later revised his leniency, noting that he’d clearly not learned anything, and sent him straight to prison to carry out the rest of his sentence, being quoted as saying today you must accept the consequences of your stupid, arrogant behavior. Scott later profusely apologized for his actions, claiming that the whole thing had been twisted to make him the bad guy, because there’s obviously a scenario in which attacking an unarmed man from behind, at Christmas time, is understandable.

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