Kids Brag About Smoking Weed; Immediately Get Arrested


Given the current political climate, it’s fairly likely that marijuana will be legalized to some extent throughout most of the States in the next few years. That said, people who smoke weed are still amongst the most irritating people in the world simply because they seem unable to talk about anything other than smoking weed. If you don’t know a person like this, consider yourself very lucky because this person is invariably all of the annoying.

So it may be kind of satisfying for people who do know a person like this to know that in 2013, a 17 year old girl was promptly arrested for bragging about smoking what we assume was the dankest weed, complete with a picture on social media (the specific site was never identified). We know nothing about the girl in question, partly because she was underage and partly because she was never booked by officers, meaning the only thing we know about her for sure is that she was white.

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