Inmates Brag About Crimes, In Jail, Using Smuggled Phone; Get More Time Added


In 2015, workers in the British prison system got kind of annoyed when they began receiving links to a YouTube video of two men being held at Her Majesty’s leisure, rapping from inside prison.

The men, identified as Demehl Thomas and Moysha Shepherd, recorded a short video of themselves rapping about their crimes from inside HMP Birmingham using a smuggled cell phone, which they then decided to inexplicably post to YouTube.

It didn’t take long for HMP Birmingham to notice the video and charge both men for making an unauthorized recording behind bars. Amazingly, despite there being literal timestamped video evidence of the crime, Moysha Shepherd pled not guilty to it. Something he had good reason to do, seeing as he posted it the day before he was set to be released. Instead of being released, Shepard was sentenced to an additional 2 years in prison and has the unusual honor of being the first person charged for recording something behind bars without permission since the law was introduced in 1952. All for the sake of the 10,000 views on YouTube the video eventually got before being taken down.

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