Identity Thief Caught Because he Kept Instagramming his Dinner


The digital age has made stealing a person’s identity a lot easier. Thankfully though, it has also made catching the people who do this easier too, provided they’re narcissistic asses. As was the case with Nathaniel Troy Maye and Tiwanna Tenise Thomason, a pair of prolific identify thieves who were caught in a 2013 sting operation due to their crippling habit of Instagramming their food.

To make this whole thing deliciously ironic, the pair were caught after being identified by an IRS investigator while eating a restaurant called the YOLO Restaurant. After noting the couple’s tendency to take pictures of their food, the IRS had the investigator meet them at a Morton’s, knowing the pair would be unable to resist taking a picture of one of the restaurant’s steaks.

After they did exactly that, the IRS simply searched Instagram for photos tagged “Morton’s” from that day and had the informant identify the steak, then the couple from the other photos on their profile. From that point on it was simply a matter of identifying the pair from the profile, which was astonishingly easy given that Troy Maye’s Instagram profile was @troymaye.

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