Drug Dealer Caught Taking Literal Baths with Money


In 2016 a British man by the name of Levi Watson came afoul of the constabulary when he was accused of being a big ol’ drug dealer. Watson vehemently denied the claims and told the authorities he clearly couldn’t be a drug dealer, because drug deals have money, and he had only “pennies” to his name.

As you can probably tell by the title of this entry, Watson was indeed a dealer of drugs, and was caught when the police casually scrolled through his Instagram feed and found a picture of him sitting in a bathtub full of money. This unsurprising twist roused the suspicion of the fuzz as normal, non-drug dealing folk rarely have enough money to throw handfuls of it in the tub. After discovering more pictures of Watson posing next to bottles of champagne and other shockingly suspicious items like wads of cash and Lamborghinis, the police promptly arrested Watson and sentenced him to 7 years in jail.

Watson, apparently not learning his lesson, joked about the sentence using the same Instagram profile that had gotten him arrested, prompting the authorities to delete it forever and increase his sentence. Because screw him.

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