50 Cent Called Out for Posing with Piles of Money After Claiming to be Broke


50 Cent, contrary to what you may think about the rapper, is actually a remarkably savvy businessman who has made a number of startlingly astute financial decisions over the years. For example, investing in and promoting Vitamin Water, which was eventually sold to Coke, earning him some $100 million. Money Mr. Cent then went right ahead and pissed up a wall.

Fiddy spent a significant portion of his earnings on a massive mansion and various other items to cement his baller status, forcing him to file for bankruptcy in 2015. In an effort to maintain his image as a straight G, Fiddy tried to quell the very accurate rumors of him being broke by posing for a photo of himself sitting next to a phat stack of cash arranged to spell out the word “broke.” Something we’re guessing made more sense in his head.

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